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to work against the tide
of last-click analysis
Visual IQ Presents:

Spanning the Globe to Expose
Embarrassing Marketing Truths


See what happens when marketers don't have the tools they need to deliver RADICAL marketing results.

Marketing Meeting Melee

The weekly marketing meeting devolves into playground pettiness as the teams jockey to take credit for marketing results that just don't add up.

Brand Marketing Excesses

Without advanced attribution for brand engagement measurement, some marketers are living it up without any accountability.

How Marketing Data Analayst Make It Work

More data doesn't necessarily mean more intelligence when trying to make sence of the media performance.

Marketing Forcasting Blunders of the Week!

Forcasting pressures don't bring it out the best in these marketers who struggle without the right tools and technology to be effective.

Delivering revolutionary marketing

Do you want marketing insights that rock? Amp up your cross channel marketing performance by working with the industry pioneer and true visionary in the space.

Visual IQ was among the select group of companies that Gartner invited to participate in the Market Guide for Attribution and Marketing Mix Modeling.

What does it mean to be a revolutionary marketer?

It means working differently when it comes to marketing measurement, optimization, and activation.


Up your game and download these marketing must-haves:

The Marketing Revolutionary's Guide

To Choosing the Right Attribution Partner

As marketing ROI becomes an even higher priority for CEOs and CFOs, choosing the right attribution vendor is one of the most important decisions you can make, but who can you trust? To help you, we've compiled a guide that outlines 8 key considerations.

Data-Driven Marketing eBook

29 Experts Tell You How to Transform Your Marketing Organization

We asked to a team of game-changing industry experts for their advice and what they would tell someone who wants to make their organization more data driven. See what these experts had to say.

Defining Marketing Success eBook

28 Marketing Experts Tell You How

Learn from a team of leaders how to identify the marketing metrics that matter most for measuring impact on bottom-line performance.

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The Experts Tackle Cross-Device Marketing and Measurement

It’s a scenario that marketers today know all too well: consumers click on ads, but before they convert, they drop off your radar. The next time you see them, they’ve bounced from their laptop to their smartphone…

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Forecasting is a challenging endeavor. With so many channels, data, and variables that can impact performance, it’s hard to know where to start, let alone how to develop accurate and reliable numbers. Just watch our latest Revolutionary...

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Why is it so hard to measure marketing ROI? We asked the experts.

It used to be that measuring marketing ROI was more of an art than a science. Print and TV ad campaigns flourished on storytelling and emotional appeal, and attempts to measure their effectiveness were based mostly on where they appeared and how much exposure they got. Times have changed...

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Legendary Solutions For Your Marketing Challenges

With Visual IQ, The Media Kitchen Generates a 45% Increase in Sales Volume and a 31% Decrease in Cost Per Sale for Windstream

Windstream, a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company, is a leading provider of advanced network communications. Working with its agency partner, The Media Kitchen (TMK), the...

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Orange Embraces Cross Channel Attribution to Maximize Conversions & Spend Efficiencies

Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, with annual sales of €43.5 billion and 168,000 employees worldwide, including 103,000 employees in France....

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